Brain Injury Canada receives no consistent government funding and relies on the generous donations from our supporters across Canada.


Donate Now Through! Faire un don maintenant par!


Donate Now Through! Faire un don maintenant par!


Your donation helps us allocate basic core funding to accomplish our work.


Brain Injury Canada is a registered Charitable Organization with Canada Revenue Agency. All donations over $20 will receive tax receipt for income tax purposes.

Charitable Registration Number:  862771540RR0001


The mission of Brain Injury Canada is to enhance the quality of life of individuals and families/caregivers living with brain injury in Canada.


All individuals and families/caregivers living with the effects of brain injury are supported, valued and engaged in their communities.


  • Be accountable, transparent, equitable and responsible as financial stewards, charitable recipients and to preserve our charitable status.
  • Demonstrate leadership through collaboration.
  • Provide solutions through service, education, advocacy and research, which promote equal opportunity for brain injury stakeholders 


  • Ensure the growth and sustainability of our organization
  • Consistent communication and collaboration with international and provincial/territorial/local partners/stakeholders
  • Establish Brain Injury Canada as a credible/reliable resource hub for brain injury in Canada
  • Act as a prominent voice for all brain injury stakeholders across Canada

Help Brain Injury Canada invest in strategies to prevent the extraordinary cost of traumatic brain injury.

The recent National Population Health Study of Neurological Conditions reveals the true cost of traumatic brain injuries to the Canadian economy. The report estimates the cost at $7.3 billion for 2011, climbing to $8.2 billion in 2013.

The study was conducted through a partnership of the Neurological Health Charities Canada, The Public Health Agency of Canada, Health Canada and The Canadian Institutes of Health Research.