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Dear [Member of Parliament]:

As a concerned citizen, I urge you to support minimum standards for sport helmets, and in particular to help pass Bill C-289, a private member’s bill introduced by Dr. Hedy Fry.

The leading killer and disabler of youth in Canada is preventable injury. Many serious and fatal injuries are sport-related head injuries. A quality sport helmet is a proven way of helping to prevent injury in sport. Studies show that effective helmets can prevent up to 85% of sport-related deaths. Helmets are also exceptionally cost-effective: a major US study has shown that for every $1 spent on helmets, $29 is saved in health, productivity, and other costs of injury.

The Canadian government has committed to increasing physical activity in Canada by 10% in anticipation of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. It follows that a similar increase in safe sport practices, such as wearing helmets, is necessary to ensure the health, social and economic outcomes associated with sport and physical activity are not erased by an increase in injury.

Effective helmets reduce the risk of serious brain injury or death to youth and adults alike. However, there are currently no minimum standards in place to ensure that the helmets Canadians use are safe and effective.

Presently the Hazardous Product Act provides the authority needed to ensure all helmets in Canada are effective enough to save lives.

The Hazardous Products Act includes a list of “prohibited products” which may not be advertised, sold or imported. Hockey helmets have been classified under federal hazardous product legislation, and as such, this legislation requires all hockey helmets sold in Canada to be approved by the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

All sport helmets should be treated as hockey helmets are. If a helmet is not effective enough to pass CSA standards, it has no place on Canadian shelves. Bill C-289 begins this process by placing ski and snowboard helmets on the Hazardous Products list alongside hockey helmets.

Youth and adults across Canada see Bill C-289 as good for their health. I ask you to do all you can to ensure that all helmets meet minimum standards, so that we may prevent death and disability among Canadians.


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