Brad Cownden from Victoria, B.C. cycling across CANADA solo to create awareness about BRAIN INJURIES and Raising FUNDS for The Brain Injury Association of CANADA and the Victoria Brain Injury Society. He will start his ride in Victoria on June 1st and finish in St. John’s, NFLD on August 6th, 2010. The brainStormRIDE Canada Itinerary (pdf)

Brad’s father Kevin writes:
“The brainSTORMRide has been a project started by Brad and his cousin Carin and has gone through some changes in the last two years in the making to now. Brad is now doing this as a solo ride. Myself and his mother Lori and his girlfriend Renata will be his crew here in Victoria. Brad will be alone on many miles of road between here and the end of his journey in Newfoundland This is why we feel it is so very important for people like yourself, Harry and Barb and the many others out there like you, to greet Brad and give him your support… a hand shake and or a pat on the back as we all will do here in Victoria to send him off.

I am certain Brad would love to have a warm bed and a hot shower and a home cooked meal on his arrival in Newfoundland. Lori and I will do everything we can to keep posted on the brainsSTORM website his location as he will be carrying a GPS sender.

One young man …. one bicycle loaded with camping gear and supplies ….. one long road…… one big huge heart …. thousands of people to help.

Brad writes:
“My involvement with the VBIS began in 2000 when my aunt, Connie MacKenzie, was involved in a near-fatal automobile accident that left her with a severe brain injury. Upon returning home to Victoria, my family immediately rallied around her to provide the support and care that she desperately needed. Unfortunately, there are no long-term rehabilitation programs offered through hospital systems and so it fell upon the VBIS, run by a group of dedicated volunteers, to facilitate Connie’s recovery. Although it has been ten years since she received her injury, Connie has not been able to return to her job as a nurse because of the permanent damage to her critical-thinking centres and her inability to deal with high stimulus situations (i.e., an environment with a combination of excessive noise, movement, and multi-tasking). Throughout that time, Connie’s life has been forever changed and has demanded that she relearn even the most basic of tasks to ensure her autonomy. Her recovery has been an incredible battle and has provided the inspiration and direction of the brainStormRIDE.

Here is Brad’s Cross Canada Itinerary (pdf) so that people across Canada can come out and support Brad on his ride and where possible a bed, a shower and a home cooked meal. As well, I have attached the Donor Solicitation / Sponsorship Letter as a way for the community to go out and solicit funds to increase and create awareness of brain Injury as a silent epidemic and to promote the programs of the Society and Association.

The point people on this ride will be Brad’s mum and dad, anyone who wants to support Kevin and provide housing and a meal along the way contact Kevin and Lori at [email protected]

Newfoundland Youth Challenges the Rest of Canada
Peter Luc Holman-Price, a fourteen year old, brain injury survivor from Portugal Cove, Newfoundland is challenging all survivors, grass root organizations and friends of those afflicted by brain injury to drop a penny for brain injury awareness. A million pennies is $10,000. It looks like pennies will soon become a thing of the past, what a way to enter the penniless Canada by passing them on to BIAC!

When a penny is dropped, the survivor’s (memory or skill once lost) again understands something that had long since understood. The progress often seems like the tiniest increment, but when you add those little successes, you will see the true profit. During June, Peter Luc is challenging everyone to pull on all their contacts, health, municipalities, banks and retail locations to have a penny bucket where everyone can drop their copper coins and at the end of the month “dedicated volunteers” can collect and roll the pennies and forward a cheque to BIAC.

Here is the artwork for labels to put onto buckets, jars and / or cans. One file shows the position on the label…. but you print with the one without the guide. Label is Avery 6876 available at Staples, Office Depot, or Bureau en Gros. CREATING BUZZ ABOUT BRAIN INJURY AWARENESS
Visit during June Brain Injury Awareness Month.
Brain Injury Forum is a community partner with the Brain Injury Association of Canada and has a link on

Also feel free to watch the video titled “Some of the Many Sides, and Challenges of Acquired Brain Injury”.

* will be sending out a PR Release announcing “June is Brain Injury Awareness Month” which will be accompanied by our poster. (posters in Library & YWCA / YMCA’s in our local area) etc…..
* will be sending out a mass email announcement – via our Constant Contact email mail out to as many professionals and others we have listed in our data base…
* Next, we have elected to share a little bit about brain injury by adding few words (2-3 paragraphs roughly) (on 5 different points) to help other relate and learn more about how it can in the number of ways affect the average person, family and child who live with the aftermath of ABI etc.
* The weekly insertions to brain injury awareness month are in lay terms and to be easily understood by the unfamiliar. These 5 insertions of information will be disseminated through’s social media sites. (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc…) **** on the following dates: June 1, 7, 14, 21, 28, 2010.

The topics will take the approach and feel of; (1) how a brain injury affects a person, (2) how it can affect the entire family, (3) children and brain injury, etc….

I am confident that there are a variety of other excellent programs that groups across Canada will offer to bring awareness to brain injuries. With governments taking interest in brain injuries, I would encourage where possible that politicians federal and provincial be invited to your events. Thank you to everyone for continually bringing awareness to acquired brain injury.

BIAC Featured in Canadian Health Reference Guide promoting Brain Injury Awareness Month.

Dr. Hedy Fry, MP to host WipeOut showing on Parliament Hill on June 15 at noon
In an effort to increase awareness among government officials and MP’s about brain injury, injury prevention and helmet standards, Dr. Fry will be hosting a showing of the film WipeOut which will be followed by a discussion. Wouldn’t it be great if a member or members in each provincial legislature across Canada were to follow Dr. Fry’s lead. For further information please feel free to contact Dr. Fry’s office at <[email protected].

US National Brain Injury Employment Conference
The 4th annual National Brain Injury Employment Conference is a unique forum that brings together all the stakeholders in the brain injury and employment fields. Register today for an interactive and inspirational two days of learning and networking. This conference is your opportunity to build bridges to organizations from around the country, hear nationally recognized speakers and explore regional and national resources. CRC and CEU credits will be offered.

National disability experts Dinah F. B. Cohen and Dr. Janet Niemeier are featured speakers. Cohen is the Director for the Department of Defense Computer/Electronic Accommodations Program (CAP). Dr. Niemeier is the Director of Inpatient Neuropsychology and Rehabilitation Psychology at the Virginia Commonwealth University Health System and the author of several books focusing on brain injury, including Choosing, Finding and Keeping a Job after Brain Injury. Current Conference Agenda (pdf)

There are limited seats left so sign up today! More Information and Registration

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