Brain Injury Association of Canada – Our Cause: Acquired Brain Injury
In an instant a life is changed, forever. Everyday we participate in activities that produce endless risks for sustaining a brain injury: car accidents, a fall from a bike, or a blow to the head. It is estimated that thousands of Canadians incur a traumatic brain injury (TBI) and mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), also known as a concussion, each year, the majority being young adults. Statistics indicate that the incidence of brain injury is two times greater in men. The Brain Injury Association of Canada (BIAC) strives to raise awareness of the incidence of acquired brain injury (ABI) in Canada.

A brain injury may make it necessary for the injured person to require full time assistance. Families often become the primary caregiver and support person. Many families are left to cope on their own. They sometimes have little understanding of the effects of the injury and the demands that will be made of them by an injured family member. Families need support from others who understand the effects of acquired brain injury. The Brain Injury Association of Canada (BIAC) provides a shared forum for the support of both families and survivors. BIAC also advocates for the enhancement of support services.

Prevention through public education, and safety legislation is the key to the reducing the occurrence of ABI amongst Canadians. The Brain Injury Association of Canada engages in extensive public education initiatives through its many local community associations across Canada.

Neuroscience and injury prevention research is another key to addressing ABI. The Brain Injury Association of Canada endeavours to support and promote research in Canada and internationally.

Brain Injury Association of Canada – Our Mission
At the founding meeting in July 2003 in Montreal, members from brain injury associations from across Canada, representing survivors, families, medical and research professionals identified the need to create the Brain Injury Association of Canada.

Our mandate is to improve the quality of life for all Canadians affected by acquired brain injury and promote its prevention. BIAC is dedicated to the facilitation of post-trauma research, education and advocacy in partnership with national, provincial/territorial and regional associations and other stakeholders.

BIAC is incorporated as a national charitable organization under the Canada Corporations Act and the Canada Revenue Agency.
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