All of the presentations below are in PDF format.

  1. Empowering Family Members when there is a mild TBI, a personal perspective
  2. Alcohol and Injury in Atlantic Canada
  3. Executive Function deficit
  4. Reaching out to Canada’s Last Frontier – Brain Injury Prevention in Nunavut
  5. Improving Quality of Life for Canadians living with a Brain Condition
  6. Strategies for managing sleep disturbances and fatigue following traumatic brain injury
  7. PTSD and Mild Traumatic Brain Injury: Issues, Controversies and Psychiatric Management
  8. The Unrecognized Widow
  9. Concussions, Seeing the Invisible Injury, A three-dimensional visualization of sport-related concussion
  10. Concussion in Sport – Current guidelines
  11. Brain Gym and Brain Injury Dr. Jennifer Drover BSc DC Core Insight
  12. Women’s Health, Outcomes after Traumatic Brain Injury
  13. Music Therapy and ABI