The Brain Injury Association of Canada supports all recommendations made by Deputy Chief Coroner Dan Cass, BSc, MD, FRCPC especially the recommendation calling for mandatory bicycle helmet use for all, not only to dramatically reduce preventable deaths but also to reduce serious brain injuries which will have an impact on reducing indirect and direct health costs to the province.
The Brain injury Association of Canada also calls for the federal government to enact Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards for all sport and recreation helmets. In doing so not only will the hockey helmet be the best in the world so would all sport helmets especially snow sport (Canadian standards are in place but have to be enacted) and bicycle helmets.

The Association also strongly supports mandatory side guards for heavy trucks which will not only save the lives of cyclists but also lives of pedestrians and drivers and again reduce serious brain injuries. The Association calls for the federal government to enact the appropriate federal regulation.

For more information and all the recommendations read the following article which includes a link to the Report. Mandatory bicycle helmets urged by Ontario coroner