Since entering the field of delivering care to individuals with ABI and seniors living with dementia, James Cohen has held executive level administrative, operational and strategic positions within the industry. Most recently he co-founded Mavencare – which is a healthcare technology company who delivers care to those wishing to live in the community.

He has personal experience with a childhood friend who has ABI and thus the link to ABI is significant both from a personal and professional perspective.

James is eager to bring his network of contacts and his experiences in operating a technology based healthcare company dedicated to caring for those living with ABI and vulnerable seniors and a provincially accredited college which focuses on ABI training among other
teachings. Education is a huge component lacking in the industry and James can use his experiences to help make inroads to improve outcomes for those with ABI.

To the Brain Injury Association of Canada, James brings his entrepreneurial spirit, strong finance background, fundraising initiatives and advocacy for those with ABI.