June was Brain Injury Awareness Month – #BrainInjuryAcrossCanada






Brain Injury Awareness Month was a success across Canada!  We were thrilled to see so many events, initiatives and online campaigns, as well as all the collaboration and sharing amongst associations and partners.
The hashtag #BrainInjuryAcrossCanada reached 500,000 accounts and over 850,000 impressions on Twitter in the month of June.  
Brain Injury Canada’s Twitter had over 60,000 impressions
Our Facebook campaign reached 94,359 people and over 7600 engagements (shares, likes, comments)
Visit Brain Injury Canada’s Youtube Channel to see great videos submitted from across Canada.



Join us in continuing to raise awareness about the prevalence of acquired brain injury and what it is like for those who live with it everyday. Visit our social media sites for videos, posts and updates from across Canada.

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