Election 2019 – Making the electoral process more accessible for those living with Acquired Brain Injury. 

With the upcoming federal election in October, we are collaborating with Elections Canada to ensure those living with brain injury are engaged in the campaign process and are able to vote.

At Brain Injury Canada, we understand how hard it is to get your voice heard and due to the invisible nature of acquired brain injury, the challenges and barrier faced by those living with brain injury.

Brain Injury Canada is honoured to be working in collaboration with Elections Canada. Elections Canada is also working with a number of other organizations, so we appreciate their continued efforts to make the federal election accessible for all Canadians. 




Brain Injury Canada Survey Results

ABI and the electoral process report cover

In February 2019, Brain Injury Canada sent out an online survey to get feedback on past experience with the electoral process.  This survey was distributed in both French and English to the 60+ provincial and community brain injury associations across Canada, as well as to our partners for dissemination to their members.

The results give insight into the experience of Canadians across the country and the barriers they face.

Read the survey results here.







Election 2019 Presentation 

Michelle McDonald from Brain Injury Canada and Juan Melara-Pineda from Elections Canada have collaborated on a presentation recording to consolidate all the info related to the campaign and voting process.  The presentation covers:

  • Info about both Brain Injury Canada and Elections Canada
  • A review of the electoral process
  • Reasons why you should vote
  • Some of the challenges and barriers faced by those with ABI in the electoral process based on real feedback from people across Canada
  • The Campaign Process, including finding and communicating with the candidates in your riding
  • It’s Our Vote – Federal election 2019 – a presentation from Elections Canada
  • Voting – Step by Step what you can expect at the polls on election day

The reason we have done a recorded presentation, is that we know this is a lot of information and it can be overwhelming. 

  • Please take your time 
  • Pause the recording when you need to
  • Take notes
  • Send us questions – [email protected]


Download a copy of the presentation slides




Elections Canada Accessible Voting Options

Elections Canada is working hard to make voting in the federal election accessible to all Canadians. Visit www.elections.ca.  

They have many tools and services to make it easier to vote, including:

  • Tools and services at the polls
  • Accessible polling stations
  • Information in other formats

Can’t find what you need? Call Elections Canada  at 1-800-463-6868 or 1-800-361-8935 (TTY).