In 2019, Brain Injury Canada is turning a spotlight on Returning to the Workplace Following an Acquired Brain Injury. Through a series of self-paced recorded webinars, individuals can explore a range of topics aimed at providing factual information, encouragement and support throughout this important time of transition.

Themes will include:

• What to be aware of and prepare for when considering a return to work • Practical self-assessment tools for return to work readiness
• Vocational Assessment and resources available to support your efforts • How to develop concrete goals and monitor progress

• Collaborative planning with your employer for a successful re-entry outcome • Possible challenges and solutions

As part of the back-drop to this series, individuals will also explore how to harmonize existing workplace policies and benefits with current employment legislation on accessibility, as well as the provision of reasonable accommodation in the workplace.

Please stay tuned to our website for further details and for your opportunity to suggest additional employment-related themes throughout 2019.