Brain injury affects every member of the family and those who provide professional care and support for individuals living with the effects of acquired brain injury.

Date: Wednesday September 26, 2018
Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00pm EST

We’ll be talking about the following:

  • What is self care, and the different areas of self care
  • Warning signs of burnout
  • Common challenges of being a caregiver
  • How to start and what to do
  • Assist viewers in completing their own self care plan
  • What are the pros doing for self care?
  • Real life examples

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Allison Carroll

Allison Carroll is the Director of Culture at Spark Lifecare. With her background in Recreation Therapy, her focus is to make Spark the best possible place to work.  Everything she does is to bring caregivers together as a team and as a community.

As someone who started as a front line caregiver, she has experienced and understands the emotions and challenges that caregivers go through including isolation, compassion fatigue, burnout and so much more. Allison’s expertise is recognizing these issues in caregivers and providing meaningful guidance and organizational support in implementing Self-Care.

Allison is a strong advocate for the longevity of caregiver success and with her honest and transparent approach, she is the perfect person to facilitate this Webinar.


Rachel Hammerton

Rachel Hammerton is an active caregiver, providing attendant care and housekeeping support at Spark Lifecare. As such, she has first hand experience with both the benefits and the challenges associated with being a professional caregiver. She is also currently completing her Masters in Counselling Psychology and conducting research in counsellor self-care. With a background in psychology, Rachel’s expertise lies in mental health challenges within the caregiving profession, and the effects of such on caregiver and clients alike. Her passion lies in helping clients and fellow caregivers find what gives them rest and integrating self-care into their lifestyles.




Zack Riley

In both roles as a caregiver and care co-ordinator, Zack brings a unique perspective to the discussion of self-care. He has worked with clients who have suffered an ABI for 12 years, and continues to work front-line and also setting up services and overseeing the care for individuals involved in motor vehicle collisions. With Zack’s dynamic background and experience, he recognizes the importance of self-care to avoid burnout while managing to meet the client’s care needs, and offers a unique and highly tuned ability to recognize the warning signs of burnout in caregivers.