Governance 101 for ABI Associations

  • Role of the Board as steward of the organization: What a board may and may not do within its role, including the reporting relationship to the membership, the idea that there is just one board (regardless of the changes to those sitting at the table)
  • Decision-making: How decisions are made, the kinds of decisions that require membership approval, the process and requirement for fair notice for changes to the name, mission statement, how changes to previous decisions once made, can’t be “unmade” without due process
  • Role of Directors: Fiduciary duties of a board member including duty of loyalty, conflict of interest, confidentiality, and unanimity outside the board room.

Presenter: Sophia Oldford

Sophia Oldford is a non-profit management executive specializing in governance and organization development.  Her career spans three decades and a wide variety of organizations from one-person offices to Volunteer Canada and the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Her commitment to the sector includes volunteering for several boards of directors. Currently, Sophia is also teaching governance, communications, and strategic planning and leadership courses for Algonquin College’s Nonprofit Sector Management program.